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We began trading fine and rare wine on the internet in 2008, when online commerce was a new phenomenon. We knew there was a strong desire for the wines we had and it was up to us to find a way to reach the global market. We started innovating that day and haven’t slowed down since. Our online wine store let collectors, buy instantly their wine. We hold our standards as high as the traditional wine stores or auction houses, but unlike them, our wines are on offer 24/7. And we don’t require people to buy full cases, just great wine. At the core of business is the wine and we take special care of it. We have sommeliers on staff and a tasting team. We inspect and place every bottle by hand in our temperature-controlled warehouses. After all, it’s not just wine, it’s your wine.


Our twenty years of experience in the wine buying and selling sector are a guarantee for all our customers.


We have the most competitive prices on the market, a wide selection of French, Italian and foreign wines ranging from the beginning of the century to the last available vintages. The bottles are kept in our heat-controlled warehouse until they are shipped in polystyrene packaging which guarantees both integrity and less exposure to external temperatures.


We professionally honor the evaluation, collection and payment timelines. With the highest valuations on the market. Without wasting your time. One of the aspects that our customers most present to us is the trust they have in us, they know they can rely on our advice, knowing that we will be able to offer them the best solution, at the best price.

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