H. De Clermont

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  • Cognac Grande Champagne – 1811 – H. De Clermont

    A Cognac 1811 Clermont, Grande Champagne, embossed on glass ‘Roi de Rome’, Propriétaire. 1811 was regarded at the time as the greatest vintage in living memory, and is now universally held to be the finest vintage of the 19th century throughout the vineyards of Western Europe. In the same year, Napoleon himself visited the region, and was presented with a barrel of cognac as a gift for his young son. Many ascribed the extraordinary weather to the remarkable astronomical event that had dominated the year. The exceptional quality of 1811 cognac was recognised immediately, and the leading producers marked the vintage either with the date on the bottle, or, more unusually, with a picture of the comet forever associated with the vintage. The date “1811” or the star (as the comet symbol soon became) were regarded as signs of infallible quality, and the leading producers were not slow to exploit this. In 1811 the only son of Napoleon and Marie-Louise, the “Roi de Rome”, King of Rome was born.